4 Tactics for an Effective Video Content Marketing Strategy

Winning followers on YouTube requires some different strategies
Assigning a few tags and a brief description is not enough to stay
Here are four critical elements for an effective video content marketing strategy on YouTube:

Produce lots of diverse content on YouTube

  1. Produce more content.
  2. Video lengths on average range from 30 seconds to 20 minutes.
  3. “Online Video Grader” tool looks at Website score, Search engine score, YouTube score, Social media score.
  4. Great video content + many videos = more subscribers + higher SEO rankings.

Integrate YouTube and web content

  1. Embed your YouTube content on the website.
  2. YouTube automatically compensates for diverse devices — which is particularly Important for mobile and tablet viewing.
  3. Drive CTA and search.

 Engage your community with YouTube

  1. Audiences are about 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on Video content than blogs or related social posts.
  2. YouTube is a powerful social media platform.
  3. Engage to drive views and action.
  4. Deliver videos in response to community feedback.

 Embrace YouTube advertising

  1. Paid media is a critical part of effective video content marketing.
  2. YouTube advertising deliver 10 times the click-through rates compared to traditional AdWords and video ad networks.
  3. Delivers results through contextual, behavioral, geo, retargeting and search.
  4. Drive both engagement and calls to action
  5. Increased engagement=increased sharing=increased and sustained long-term views and social interaction.
  6. Promote campaigns