5 Best Youtube SEO Tools You Need to Use

  • The most visible part of the video search listing is the video thumbnail.
  • Pay more attention to the title, for relevance, and also to the description.
  • Create clear, relevant, optimized video titles and descriptions.
  • Here are 5 Keyword, Trend Research, and SEO tools and techniques:


#1 YouTube Search Filters: Understand What’s Already Working

  • Search to see what others have done before you should become part it.
  • See how creators design their video thumbnails, name their videos etc.
  • Sort by rating is useful option.


#2 YouTube Search Auto-Suggest: Long Tail Key Phrases

  • Use more specific key phrases.
  • Search term in the search field at YouTube.
  • It shows you what people tend to search for.


#3. SerpStats: Discover Questions You Can Answer

  • SerpStats is a keyword tool.
  • It generate more loose suggestions.
  • The tool uses a separate algorithm that lets it find and filter out interrogative questions that people tend to type into the search box.
  • Useful insight into how people tend to phrase the question that may be answered in your video.
  • Ex. “Quora” and “MyBlogU”


#4 Google Plus /Explore: Research Related Concepts and Trends

  • The most up-to-date source of keyword.
  • Allows you to expand your keyword research and make your video information richer.
  • Target time-sensitive terms in videos title/description.
  • You’ll have more chances to be searched.
  • The hashtag used in the video title will help to get more exposure in social media, especially Twitter.


#5 Cyfe: Create a Content Monitoring & Archiving Dashboard

  • Cyfe is ultimate productivity and content marketing dashboard.
  • Use to monitor and archive multiple search results from multiple sources on one page.
  • Check Cyfe dashboard every time you think of future videos to create and before publishing a video on YouTube.