Account Based Marketing or Key Account Marketing


Benefitis of our Account Based Marketing or Key Account Marketing

  1. Increase the utilization of information generated by your accounting system to impact decision-making
  2. Engage earlier and higher with deals
  3. Align marketing activity to build relationships with existing clients to convert them into key strategic accounts (because selling to an existing account is much more profitable and predictable than trying to win new business)
  4. Identify specific contacts, at specific companies, within a specific market
  5. Prime focus on individual accounts (business marketing focuses on industry, product/solution or channels like direct/social/PR etc)
  6. Delivers an increase in the long-term value of the customer.
  7. Keep your clients/customers/buyers updated with relevant propositions as they continuely look for their existing suppliers for this.
  8. Align your sales and marketing teams by having well defined sales goals then use feedback from sales to identify new potential markets.

Choosing Key Accounts for account-based marketing efforts

All accounts do not meet the requirements to be strategic or key account. Carefully analyse which accounts to focus on. Look at the following

  1. Revenue history
  2. Account history
  3. Margins and profitability
  4. Long-term relationship viability
  5. Common things between client and the company
  6. What the client will not find anywhere else

Account-based marketing programmes & frameworks

In general, the following approach is used:

  • Framework Creation: How to select Key-accounts?
  • Objectives and measures for the ABM programme
  • Planning: Marketing & Sales teams agree on goals & relevant propositions
  • Research: Build a complete picture of the structure of the target organisation and its requirements
  • Execute: Join sales & marketing team to deliver on the plan
  • Review: apply measures such as the value of sales, amount of potential revenue in the sales pipeline, coverage of communications in the account, perception-shifts or appointments made

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  1. Create Sales Personas: For visualization of key stakeholders and help you close more deals using. You sales person will get an overall ‘feel’ for the account almost immediately. If you’ve not identified your key personas, you know the account needs more work and we will do it for you to de-risk the deal.
  2. Placeholder Contacts: We will add placeholder contacts to your clients org chart, and swap them for a known contact once identified. This will help you close deals faster
  3. Relationship Lines: will help you understand your accounts. We will map out all the relationships. You will avoid wasting time working contacts that don’t need it, and focus your energy and engagement where it’s most needed.

Pricing: Our executive will research on your key accounts and build the above mentioned reports. You will be billed anually. 

  • 51-100 Key Accounts ($14,990/year)
  • 6-50 Key Accounts ($9990/year)
  • 2-5 Key Accounts ($99/yr)
  • 1 Key Account ( FREE). You can request research on one key account free of cost by clicking the button below.   


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