FAQ: How can I save more in a day so I can focus more on building business than doing repetitive tasks?

Is your website an integral part of your business? If yes, then read on…

As a business website owners do your feel too much of your time is spent on your website and it leaves less time for your to focus on growing your business? In Complete honesty, You should not be doing these little tasks that come along with running such a website. Here are some of the challenges and how we can help.

  • Website Management: There are always plugins and themes that you need to update constantly. We offer unlimited site fixes and tasks for a flat monthly fee.
  • Graphic Design: Do you constantly need to produce various kinds of graphics on a consistent basis. We unlimited graphic design for a flat monthly fee.
  • Membership Management: Running a membership site is technically intensive than a standard Business website it often requires various maintenance long after the initial setup, need tech support, fixes, and guidance on best practices. We offer unlimited Site Support for a flat monthly fee.
  • Marketing Tests: Does your businesses need to run A/B tests to optimize your marketing and UX? Setting up tests, especially the more complicated variety, can be prohibitively complex and expensive if attempted in-house. We will set up and run A/B tests for your businesses

Are you interested in freeing your time? Here is how we can make work.

  1. You may submit unlimited requests to us but no more than 10 at a time..
  2. Each request must take no more than 30 minutes for me to complete, given your best honest ‘guesstimate’.
  3. We will complete requests within 3 business days.
  4. We don’t work weekends, but occasionally we can honor a requests if it’s an emergency.
  5. No contracts, cancel anytime.This point is largely self-explanatory.



$357.00 $119.00 / month

for first 12 months (Cancel Anytime)