Uncommon ways of generating landing page traffic


Uncommon ways of generating landing page traffic



  • Use short URLs(easy to type and remember)  

  • Attract attention from the crowd.


Booth signage

  • Put a sign at your booth that displays the URL to your landing page.
  • Include contest, a discount code, or giveaway on the sign that attract people to visit your site.

Place an ad inside the event program

  • try buying ad space in the pamphlet (or the digital version of the event program).

Hand out free swag

  • Distribute free swag— pens, tote bags, coasters, stress balls, frisbees, etc.
  • Advertise URL link through swag.

Ask people to sign up

  • Figure out what it is you want to offer to your visitors, it would be a coupon, a weekly newsletter, or something similar that they’d be interested in.
  • Ask to sign up for your offer

Posters and billboards

  • Excellent way to advertise and get your landing page URL to the public.
  • Eye-catching visuals on the landing page
  • The testimonials with pictures shows prospects
  • While posters are great for generating landing page traffic, it’s equally important that the ad and the landing page are closely connected to get the job done.

Press releases

  • Capability to reach a lot of people,
  • A great tactic for driving landing page traffic.
  • Once your press release is drafted, simply add your landing page URL anywhere that’s relevant within the content of the press release.

Radio ads

  • URL would need to be extremely short and have a catchy jingle
  • Traditional advertising methods can be successful

Quora and Reddit

  • Giving detailed and helpful responses on subreddits
  • Sharing your own posts and mini-articles on these sites,
  • Manage a strong, thoughtful presence on Quora, Reddit, and other social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Can help brands to build a reputation around their businesses.
  • The main idea of these forums is to be educational and helpful — not promotional.

Business cards

  • Gaining a lifelong customer.
  • Place your URL at the bottom or the back of your card
  • Be creative with your landing page traffic
  • Think of new ways to get your audience to the page.
  • Whichever methods you decide on, make sure you’re creating a great first impression.