Welcome to prefr.co Design Studio

Freelance Clothing & Graphic designer offering full brand, product design, development and manufacturing services.


prefr.co Design Studio offers freelance apparel design services to get your brand online and in-store. We work in three stages, Design Development, Product Development and Market Development.

Design Development

This is core of any business or brand, we understand how important this is, whether it’s a new born brand, or something for those already established; a makeover, or facelift, prefr.co Design Studio provide freelance apparel design services using freelance designers and leading industry experts, catering for all your project or department’s needs.

Product Development

This is complete process of bringing a product to market. We source, develop and produce samples using our developers, garment technicians, samplers, suppliers and manufacturers. Our sourcing contacts are based in China, India & Indonesia. All of our contacts promote the general adoption of the International British Standards.

Market Development

Finally we target non-buying customers in currently targeted segments. We also target new customers in new segments. This is the final hurdle, once your product is ready, your website set up and ready to go, with the help of Market Development we start to promote your business. prefr.co Design Studio will help you market your business or brand internationally.

Some of our work samples