Joining Team

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hello, welcome to recruitment page. Please follow instructions on this page very deligently. Do all these task to be considered to a job at

Join us on our Social Media.

  1. Follow us on twitter:
  2. Like us on Facebook:
  3. Subscribe to our youtube:

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Join Whatsapp Group

  1. Join our Team Group. (You can also invite your friends)
  2. You can only Join from your phone.
  3. Once you are on the group please introduce your self.

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Join Telegram Group

  1. Create a telegram account. Android app | Apple App install on your phone.
  2. Now Join the Team Group. (You can also invite your friends)
  3. Once you are on the group introduce your self.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]Someone from our team will give further instruction in the group. Once your interview is complete you can continue further from here.  After your have login details to your account you will start with few tasks for initial few weeks as trial basis, so we can check your efficiency and quality of more tasks… trial will also be paid.

Join Trainee Group

  1. Your first task to get invited to Trainee group where you can discuss you next steps with @harry or @Jass
  2. Then you need to get intouch with any of the above 2 people to have you setup with all the access necessary for you to perform tasks.
  3. You will need a official email: 
  4. You will need a desktime account. You will receive Invitation on your official email.
  5. You will need to Install some work applications on you phone, chrome extension & some desktop applications.
  6. But all this starts by getting access to public & trainee groups.

Getting a email

  1. Contact Harry in whatsapp for a new account .
  2. Once your account is created you will receive your
    1. Username:
    2. Password: Sent by Harry

Accessing your email

  1. You can use this to to login to your company mailbox located on 
  2. Please use this mail to signup for all necessary accounts.
  3. There may be penalty for using personal accounts so be sure to always use the official email everywhere related to work.
  4. You can also link you official email to be used in your personal gmail by following instructions here.
  5. You can access Official emails on android phone via Blue mail app.  Instructions for connecting Bluemail to official email are here

Working in Desktime

DeskTime is a simple and secure time tracking app that lets us track the time you work for the company.

  1. Ask harry in whatsapp to send you desktime invite on your new official work email
  2. Once you are invited please check inbox for a desktime invitation email
  3. In the E-mail you received there will your DeskTime account Username, Password, and the green button Join the team, which will lead you to the DeskTime main page.
  4. Log in with the given credentials and download the DeskTime app and start the download.
  5. In the end, log in with the same credentials into the DeskTime app and start tracking your time.
  6. Login with details provided into desktop desktime app. Instructions

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