Starting Instructions : Bitrix (New Members)

Hello, Welcome to Team. Here are staring instructions. ​ Once your are given account access We will start with few tasks for initial few weeks as trial basis, so we can check ur efficiency and quality of more tasks… trial will also be paid.

Join Telegram Public Group

  1. Create a telegram account. Android app | Apple App install on your phone.
  2. Now Join the Public Group for prefr. (You can also invite your friends)
  3. You can only Join from your phone.
  4. Once your create telegram account message your supervisor to add you to telegram trainee group


Join Telegram Trainee Group

  1. Your first task to get invited to Trainee group where you can discuss you next steps with @harry or @Jass
  2. Then you need to get intouch with any of the above 2 people to have you setup with all the access necessary for you to perform tasks.
  3. You will need a official email
  4. You will need a bitrix account
  5. You will need to Install some work applications on you phone, chrome extension & some desktop applications.
  6. But all this starts by getting access to telegram public & trainee groups.

Getting a email

  1. Contact Harry in telegram group for a new account .
  2. Once your account is created you will receive your inside telegram your
    1. Username:
    2. Password: Sent by Harry
  3. You can use this to to login to your company mailbox located on
  4. Please use this mail to signup for all necessary accounts.
  5. There may be penalty for using personal accounts so be sure to always use the official email everywhere related to work.

Linking your email to gmail

Once you Login to follow the instructions below

  1. Click “Settings
  2. Click “Filters
  3. Then click the Plus sign (+) in 3rd column
  4. Now give the filter a name
  5. Select “all messages
  6. From dropdown select “send message copy to
  7. Add your personal gmail/email address
  8. Click “Save

Now all mails your receive on official account will also be sent to your personal mailbox.


Creating a bitrix account

  1. Ask harry in telegram trainee group to send you bitrix invite on your new official work email
  2. Once you are invited please check inbox for a bitrix24 invitation email
  3. Click the join URL from email
  4. Enter details in the form to sign for bitrix24 account
    1. Add first name
    2. Last Name
    3. Choose a password
  5. Once you click join you will be directly added to 24 dashboard.


Working in Bitrix

  1. Click on this
  2. Login with your ID
  3. Now once you are inside 24 dashboard Click on task in left sidebar
  4. Now you will have 2 tasks already added for you
  5. Click first task “Fill Out Profile
  6. Make sure when you open task Start Time Tracker is shown as in screenshot below if not then message jass in bitrix so this can be made available to you for tracking time for each task.
  7. From now only use bitrix for all communication.
  8. For all tasks make sure you have time tracker available.
  9. When starting task Click “START TIME TRACKER
  10. When pausing work Click “PAUSE
  11. Do not click “FINISH” until you have taken feedback from a supervisor.

Creating new  Bitrix Tasks

  1. Click “New Task
  2. Add task name in New Task area box
  3. Add task Details in Things to Do box
  4. Responsible person will be yourself
  5. Participant will your supervisor
  6. Add a deadline (Usually to be submitted in 24 hours)
  7. Now add more details by click projects to display advanced options
  8. Then add a relevant Project. If not sure ask your supervisor
  9. Also tick “Task Planned time” and add one hours as estimated time
  10. Give correct tag . if not sure ask your supervisor
  11. Now click ADD TASK green button to create your task.
  12. Click on “start time tracker” when responsible person starts his/her task
  13. Click on finish when responsible person finish his/her task
  14. If responsible person wants to take a break then click on “pause” and then resume his/her task


Applications need to be Downloaded

  1. Then Apps To download On PC
    1. Team Viewer –
    2. ZOOM –
    3. AnyDesk –
    4. Chrome –
    5. Firefox –
  2. Chrome Extensions to Install
    1. Zoom
    2. Adblock
    3. Desktime Extension
  3. Apps to Install on Android Phone:
    1. Bitrix (Don’t create account you will be invited, only download and install)
    2. Telegram (create account with your phone no. like you do with whatsapp)

Accounts Need to be Created

  1. Create an account on Lastpass: Install Lastpass Extension in chrome where I ll share all passwords for your projects. Once installed create an account here with your official account
  2. Create bitrix account with  your official email