Which is best Language to build web applications for my Business?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Simple answer is not one language is better of the other. Each has its pros & cons so here is a comprehensive of Front End Language I can think of and what they can do. The choice of language will depend of the type of wpplication your are trying to build for your business. A language that can be used to build web apps is the one capable of handlibg HTTP or interfacing with a server.

Python – This will be good option if I am building a SaaS company. Python has good number of franworks like (flask that I have used). There are even more libraries to peform from simple to complex functions like data science or machine learning.  I feel this is not very good for mobile platforms.  The lanuage is very easy to read though. A simple python website can be built using web.py framwork. Django is another one that is really good.

For python it difficlt to find Virtial hsot and may need to setu own VPS.

Ruby – can be used to prototype very quickly. There is very large and high calbre of community being this language. Airbnb, Etsy, Github are powered by ruby as far as I can recall. Ruby on rails is a good platforms that buusiness choose regularly. The drawback is newer ROR framwork are not copatible with older framworks. If starting with Ruby once can go with a simpler platform compared to RoR like Sinatra

PHP – This will be best i only want to work as a freelancer. There is huge demand for php developers needed to manage, modify many of the most popular platforms built with php like wordpress, drupal, mahento. Also PHP is very popular so its become secure and its usuability is good. Codeinnigter for PHP is a good franwork. Almost all web servers provide support for PHP.

Javascript/node.js – This helpes in creating apps from end to end. Javascript can be used to built front end. Then this can be paired iwth node.js as a backend. There are also many liberaries for both front end and backend. One plus poit is this supports asyncronous event baased programing. Another way to look at this is, Node.js is built upon dealing with request & responses where as other languages focus on CGI with HTTP element like an addon. Node runs it own self-contained servers.

Java– can be used to buiild websofware at an entreprise level.

Go, Swift, and Kotlin may become good options in the future.

Perl can also be considered as it has many user submited liberairs at CPAN.

Finally a thought, go ahead and write a simple web app in all the languages. For example a smiple blog and see for you self.

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