Researcher ₹15000

Product Research

  • What's there in the market

  • What sells best

  • Catalog Your Products

Competition Research

Analyze other sellers’ services, strategies, strengths, and weaknesses.

Platform research

will be best for you Research on Where to Sell Identifying the right marketplace is crucial. We can decide on the basis of

1. Reach and popularity
2. Subscription costs
3. Website and sales feature
4. Marketing tools and strategies offered
5. Ease of use for sellers and customers
6. Help and support provided to customers and sellers

Logistics Research

Support ₹18,000

Customer Support
Resolving Customer Complaints
Dealing with Product Returns
Providing Fast Shipping
Determining Competitive Pricing
Customer Ratings management
Customer Reviews management

Initial Setup - Your Business e-mail, GST, PAN, Business Number, corporate bank acc
Create an Amazon Seller account
Create product list - product titles, Images, descriptions, benifits & features, prices, terms & conditions of sale, delivery options, Keywords, Listing Copy, Key Selling Points, keep listing copy fresh, etc etc
Sponsored Product Ads - Create, optimize, Good ROI, Amazon pay-per-click advertising, Create ads, Manage, ROI optimization, On and Off platform marketing and advertising, managing promotions, coupons,
Shipping Setup
Fulfiled by Amazon - Amazon stores, packs & delivers your products to the customers
Easy Ship - You store & pack your products, Amazon delivers it to your customers
Self Ship - You store, pack & deliver your products to your customers
Sales reporting
Customer Support: Handle all your Customer support tasks within 24 , deal with FBA shipping issuesm Maintain your amazon SLA
Reporting & Analyis
Product Analysts
Sales Volume
Competitor Analysis
Social Media Management
Product Digital Assets
Product Videos
Product Visuals

IT Operations ₹60000

Data Security - firewalls, multi-layer security, SSL certificate, 2-factor authentications, payment gateway security

Business Growth Solutions
Inventory Planning & management - Use a inventory management software solutions