Why Your Call to Action Isn’t Working perfectly


Call-Action Isn’t Working perfectly


CTA Issue #1: Value vs. Cost

  • A website conversion is a transaction between you and website visitors
  • You value their contact information and they value your expertise
  • Offer something that they deem more valuable than the information you are asking
  • If you are asking for an email, you can get away with offering a good blog article
  • What you ask for increases, so must the value of your offering

CTA Issue #2: Clarity

  • Make abundantly clear what people will get in return for clicking on the CTA
  • People don’t want eBooks; they want solutions to their problem
  • Give website visitors an idea of what is in the eBook
  • Anyone won’t purchase something without knowing what it is
  • Website visitors won’t give their information for something unknown
  • Make your CTA clear, concise, and inviting

CTA Issue #3: What Call to Action?

  • Use a variety of different CTA types
  • Put CTA at the end of blog pages, service pages
  • Focus quality over quantity
  • Have an appropriate number of CTAs that offer valuable content and incite action