Google Adwords Campaign – Finer Points

When you’re getting started with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, the path to improvement is often pretty straightforward. Here are some tips to run your Google AdWords Campaign which will definitely enhance your page.

Step 1: Make the Ad Focus on your USP 

  • Don’t just focus on what your company does.
  • Focus on how you can bring value to your customers.
  • Show the users why they should choose you over your competitors!

Step 2: Add Ad Extensions as to add more credibility to your ads.

Ad extensions give extra information on an ad. These can have a direct effect on your ad rankings.

CALLOUT Extensions

  • These allow you to add extra information about your offerings.
  • They aren’t clickable.
  • Use these to answer the “why” question mentioned in Step 1.
  • Bullet point your value messages

Review Extensions

  • Review extensions display helpful reviews about your product along with the ad.
  • They are harder to get, because they require finding a published review source that Google recognizes.
  • These extensions can boost your click through rate by up to 10%.
  • However, one needs to remember that they are only good for a year from the publish date of the third party source

Other Ad Extensions which answer the “Why” question

  • Seller Ratings: These are yellow-coloured star ratings based on reviews collected from Google and other third-party sources.
  • Consumer Ratings:  Ratings that are based on Google Consumer Surveys. If your industry-related ratings are high, these scores show as an automated ad extension.
  • Price Extensions:  These display a price of the product or service you offer if you feel it’ll help entice users. These are available only on mobile devices.

Step 3: Use Your Landing Pages to Cement the Trust You’ve Built

  • Change the layout of the landing page to make it more enticing to users.
  • Instead of a product specifications page, explain how the product is useful to the customer.
  • Make the content less boring and keep technical stuff to a minimum. 
  • Add more value messages.
  • Use a headline that not only calls out your keywords but gives a reason why user should choose you.
  • Showcase noteworthy companies the client dealt with and include short reviews by satisfied customers.
  • Add a YouTube video which tells the user how easy it is to use your product or how efficiently you can serve them.
  • Add trust-building element (ex. get their quote within 24 hours etc..).