4 Tips and Tricks to Improve Email Success


Improve Email Success


  • About half of consumers still prefer retailers and marketers to reach out to them via email
  • However, fewer than one-third actually open those emails
  • Here are four tips to help improve email success

Design and write around the call to action

  • Rely on the main message of your email
  • Showcase the benefit of your product or service
  • Leave the closing to the CTA
  • Keep your CTA short
  • Avoid the temptation to give your users too many CTAs

Shorten subject headers

  • Most common subject line word length is 7
  • 3 word subject lines have the highest engagement rates
  • Forget links and hashtags in the subject lines

Use the pre-header – but use it wisely

  • The pre-header text is the small snippet of text that can be seen in the inbox, after the subject line
  • Don’t leave the automatic placeholder
  • Instead, use this space to reiterate the CTA

Make emails compatible

  • Most email templates are designed for a standard desktop which is too wide for most phones
  • Include a plain text version in HTML email
  • Make use of responsive design templates