Work from home during covid 19

COVID-19 will change business models as the global business will not be the same from now onwards. Now business will focus more on business continuity plans taking technology offshoring and work from home more seriously. 

  1. The Scale of Calamity: 150+ countries implementing social distancing and some incomplete lockdown due to the COVID -19 virus.
  2. Plan B failed:: Most businesses planned for natural disasters, like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis but none prepared for a pandemic of this scale.
  3. No Plan C: Offshoring and work from home were only used by price-conscious startups. It was never mainstream and no organization ever thought of implementing a outsource or work from models.
  4. Low Productivity: Fear & uncertainty brings down productivity. People are in panic mode and delivery schedules are not being met.
  5. Laptop vs Desktop: The majority of organizations have 75% of their workforce working from desktops to lower costs or data security in a closed location and it’s near impossible to move this workforce to laptops. can act as your organization’s offshore partner to carry out all your business supportive tasks. Some of the industries we cater to are – E-commerce, Real Estate, Architecture, Retail, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Logistics, Automobiles, Education, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Transportation, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Healthcare. Please take a look at what all we have in offer. 

Digital Services

  • Development: is a full digital service agency and here is the list of all the app supported by us. We will set up your website, apps or email needed by your business and host them as well.
    • Website: Web Hosting Web Design, Website Development, CMSs, ERPs,  
    • Email: Email Hosting, Email Automation, Email Marketing
    • Apps: Android, Apple, Chrome Extensions, 
  • Content
    • Content for Website: Articles for journals/websites, Pages, Blogs, Product Pages, Hero Message, Product Descriptions, Creative Writing, editorial work, Overviews, Social Proofs, Long-form content, Data-heavy Content
    • Marketing: White Papers, Reviews, Webinars, e-books, Visual materials, Email Copy, Video Scripts, Social Media Content, Landing Pages, Resumes & Cover Letters, Sales Copy, Press Releases, Business Names & Slogans, Ad Content, Comments, Discussions, Tweets
    • Technical Writing: Project Manuals; Product Testing Documents; Proposals; User Guides; Technical Abstract & references; On-line Help Systems; Business Process Re-engineering Documents;
    • Scientific Writing: Proposals, Report Abstracts, Study Protocols, Clinical Study, Manuscripts, Presentations, Literature, Regulatory documentation, Research & Summaries, 
  • Marketing
    • SEO: Keyword Research, Analytics & Reporting, Local SEO, On-page SEO, Technical SEO, backlinking, Social Media Integration, SERP Improvement, 
    • SEM: PPC, Landing Page Optimization, Keyword Research, Bid Strategy, Ad Design, 
    • SMM
    • Online Ads
  •  Design: Photo Editing, Video Editing, Graphic Design

Outsource Partner

    1. Call Center: Inbound, Outbound, Telemarketing, Lead generation, Technical Support, Research: Market, Business, Financial   
    2. Data: Transcription, Translation, Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data Processing, Data Analytics, Proofreading & Editing Translation
    3. Legal
      1. Company Incorporation: Articles of Incorporation Or Organization, Amendments, Bylaws, Agreements
      2. Legal Writing: Legal briefs, pleadings, motions, appeals and deposition summaries; Legal correspondence; Case studies; Legal documents for businesses and individuals, including wills and IPR material 
    4. Finance & Accounting: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll, Tax Preparation, Financial Analysis.
    5. Human Resource: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Executive Search, Staffing, HR management, Virtual Assistant
    6. Remote Employes: Customer Service Representative