Backlinking Strategy – Generating backlinks from Competitors Backlinks

Backlinking Strategy – Generating backlinks from Competitors Backlinks

Use this spreadsheet. The competitors would fall into these categories:

Direct known competitors

Direct competitors in the same area, known by the business owner.

Organic Competitors

Visit this page – and scroll down. You can see the list of organic competitors.

Backlinking Strategy

It shows only 5 out of 1047 competing websites. You can get a full list of 1047 competitors by trying out the free SEMRush subscription for14 days.(Please note that a credit card is needed for sign up. You can cancel the subscription within 14 days or as soon as you get the full list of competitors and you won’t be charged)

Competitors from Google Search queries

Do a Google search for queries for your business keywords like. For immigration website the research will look something like this

  • immigration services
  • Immigration consultancy
  • second citizenship services
  • Immigration to Hungary
  • Immigration to Cook Islands (mention all other countries mentioned on
  • How to get citizenship of another country
  • Uses of dual citizenship
  • What is internationalization
  • Offshore banking
  • Tax residency
  • Incorporating in another country
  • Residency and passport services

Try more variations of the above queries  based on services offered by your Business.

Finding Number of Backlinks

While the free subscription to SEMRush is available, fill in the number of backlinks to these sites using SEMRush tool. Check below for one of the competitors. It shows 87 backlinks.

Finding websites that link to competitors

Visit the second tab in the spreadsheet named ‘Websites that link to Competitors’. For each site in the ‘List of Competitors’ which have a good number of backlinks, use to find all the sites that link to these competitors. Add them to the spreadsheet as shown in the example. (Leave out Facebook links and statistical websites like

Finding Owners of the websites

Find the owners of these linking sites either by finding out the contact section or by Google searching for “” or use the website contact form.  In the given example, the owner’s name is available in the website’s about page. and the email ID is available on doing this Google search. You can also use to find the website owner and their email ID. eg – shows the email ID as

Backlinking Strategy

Email Template

The send the email using template given below

  1. Change content in red based on the website and topic in question
  2. Make a note in the spreadsheet about the date the outreach email was sent.



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Either ways, keep up the great work!