Generating Backlinks from Job Portals

Creating a list of job portals where “Your Business” jobs are listed.

  • Go to Google and search for ‘job+YourBusiness’, ‘jobs+YourBusiness’.
  • Open each site and check the job listing, for eg
  • Create a seperate spreadsheet to record this data as follows
  • backlinks from job listing
  • Go to this spreadsheet and add the link in column A.

Check if they allow links.

  • If the job listing has a working link to, fill a ‘Y’ in column B and C.
  • If there is no link, fill a ‘N’ in column B.
  • Check some other job listings on the same site and see if they allow links. Fill ‘Y’ in column C if the site allows links and ‘N’ if it doesn’t.

backlinks from job listing

Checking if it is a do-follow or no-follow.

  • Open the web page where there are links (either to YourBusiness or any other website which has posted a job), right click anywhere on the page and select ‘View page source’ as shown below.
  • Source code page will open up in a separate window
  • Press ctrl F and find as shown below.
  • If the link is a nofollow link, it will be followed by a rel=nofollow. You may also search for ‘nofollow’ on the source code page and see if the links are nofollow. If there is no mention of this, the default is a do-follow.
  • Mention your finding in column D.

Creating a job post with a backlink to the site.

  • Once the spreadsheet has a good number of job sites with postings from YourBusiness, sort the spreadsheet on column B.\
  • Visit every page which has a ‘N’ in column B, ‘Y’ in column C and a ‘dofollow’ in column D, login to the job portal with the credentials with which the job listing was originally posted.
  • Edit the job post and add a hyperlink to
  • Some sites automatically add the link. In other cases, open the post in HTML editor and add a  <a href =”>  </a> before and after the text as shown here to link to our site