Online marketing strategy of Reusing old posts for social media Updates and sharing

Reusing old posts for social media – Update content : to Be done by Content Manager

If there’s a page which was published more than a year ago and there is outdated content mentioned, update the page with the latest information if there is a need.

Update Blog Headline

  1. Change the heading from what was used the previous time.
  2. Make sure the heading is catchy and attention-grabbing.
  3. For example, Let’s assume the page title says ‘New Economic Citizenship Program and aspects to consider for investing in Turkey’ which is not very attention-grabbing. However, if the same link is posted Facebook with the headline ‘5 types of investment which can get you a Turkey residency’, it will grab more attention and will invite more people to click and visit the page. The next time the same article is reposted, give the headline ‘You don’t need a visa to Turkey if you belong to these countries!”  The basic principle is to use the second person (‘you’)  and highlight how it will benefit them.
  4. Also make use of high converting title words like
  1. “Top 5 …..”
  2. “Top 10 …..”
  3. “Best 5 …..”
  4. “Best 10 …..”
  5. “How to …..”
  1. You can do a quick google search and see what TOP results are using

Update Blog Thumbnail : To be Done by Designer

  1. The image can be any image related to the topic in question
  2. From SEO point of view, the image name should be related to the topic. Therefore for the featured image of every blog post on your website should have a name. Lets again assume this page title is ‘5 types of investment which can get you a Turkey residency’, then set the image name as ‘‘investment-for-turkey residency.jpg’’ so that search engines can find it on image searches.
  3. The alt-text should also be the same as the SEO title without the dashes and file extension. For eg ‘Turkey Citizenship by Residence’.
  4. Update post images – Add new image in post
  5. The image should be connected to the article in question.
  6. For example, since the article mentioned above is about Turkey, use any popular landmark of Turkey, panoramic views or Turkey or images showing Turkey flag/passport.
  7. The visitor should be able to form an image of immigration to Turkey by looking at the image.
  8. Avoid repeating the image while reusing old posts.
  9. The image and title posted on social media have to be different, each time.

Automating social media updates

List all your business social media accounts

Please use the table below to create a list of all your social media profiles


Social Media




Who has access

Followers, subscribers, likes

Last Updated?

Hootsuite tool for social Media Automation

  1. Use  to schedule posts on all your social medias.
  2. Sign up/Login with with your business emails account.

How to link Facebook to Hootsuite

  1. After logging in if hootsuite is not linked to facebook then Click the ‘Add Social Network’ button.
  2. hootsuite-facebook-adding.JPG
  3. You’ll find the below screen
  4. Select Facebook
  5. hootsuite-Facebook-2.JPG
  6. Allow all permissions and login to Facebook account.
  7. Say yes to all permissions and select your Business Page page.
  8. You should now see Flag Theory’s Facebook page added to the dashboard as shown below.


How to link Twitter to Hootsuite

  1. Repeat steps like facebook 1 to 7
  2. Select the Twitter option. Enter the ID and password.
  3. You will see the Twitter option added as shown below

Automating for Facebook :

  1. Spend one week updating old content (at least 12 posts)
  2. Need to Schedule one update per week for Facebook.
  3. The best time to post on Facebook is Wednesdays around 3PM
  4. Avoid scheduling posts during weekends before 8AM and after 8PM.
  5. To create a scheduled update on hootsuite
  1. Facebook Update text- Write a catchy message that will invite people to click the article link.
  2. Click the Drafts icon.
  3. On the top bar, click the scheduling icon as shown below
  4. The scheduler expands and gives a compose box, wherein you can post the message
  5. Add images/videos using the media button as shown in the below screenshot.
  6. Choose the date and time as per your decided schedule.
  7. You may use the blog page image while posting an article link for the first time.
  8. When you are reusing it, try to post a different message and image on Facebook, but make sure the image is related to the page content.
  9. What link to share
  1. Get post URL from your business website.
  2.  Go to
  3. Enter the URL = Page URL we are sharing
  4. Campaign source = Facebook
  5. Medium = Post
  6. Campaign Name = Hootsuite
  7.   On scrolling below, you’ll find a long URL and an option to shorten it. 
  8. You may choose to shorten the URL here 
  9. or use the long URL and shorten it on hootsuite as shown in the below screenshots.
  10. Schedule posts on hootsuite for Facebook according to the decided time and dates. Make sure there are 12 posts ready.

Automating for twitter :

  1. Spend one week updating old content (at least 12 posts)
  2. Need to Schedule 2 posts a week
  3. Monday–Friday at 12–3 p.m. and 5pm
  4. As we need two tweets we will
  1. Convert Post headings to tweet 1
  2. Convert one important paragraph to tweet 2

Tweet 1: Convert post summary to tweet.

Tweet 2: Convert one important post passage to tweet

  • For the same page 
  • There is a section on 5 types of investments which can help in getting a visa.
  • Convert this into a tweet like ‘5 Investments to get #TurkeyResidency #FixedCapital, #RealEstate #EmploymentGeneration #BankDeposits #TreasuryBonds‘,
  • Ensuring the character count is within 140.
  • Go to hootsuite, select the twitter option and post the composed message
  • Add an appropriate image. You may use the featured image on the page or any other related image with text on it.
  • Use the schedule button to give the date and time when you want the tweet to be posted.




Facebook Post



Monday tweet @ 5pm



Facebook Update goes out on wed @ 3pm. This as also Auto Tweeted (via IFTTT or Zapier)

Wed auto facebook status tweet @ 3pm



Friday Tweet @ 1pm