Setting up Odoo Campaigns

Step 1: Go to and click Lead Automations on top.

Step 2: Click the Create Button

Step 3:

Give a name to the campaign.

In the Resource section, choose Lead to Opportunity Partner

Step 4: Click ‘Add an Item’. 

Give the name as ‘SOP Email 1’, for example. You can give any name you wish.

If this is the first mail in the sequence, check the ‘start’ option below it.

Select ‘Email’ under Type on the right side.

Step 5: Select ‘Email Template’ and choose ‘Create and Edit’

Add Subject, Body and Save.

Step 6: We can see the new email created under activities.

Step 7: Click ‘Add an item’ again and create the next email in the sequence. Follow the same procedure but don’t check ‘start’..

Step 8: Click Save and Close.

Step 9: Click Save on top left.

Step 10: The save button will now change to Edit. Click the edit button and choose SOP email 2.

 Select the previous activity option, ‘Add an Item’ and choose the first email SOP email 1..

Under interval value, give the number of days after the first email that you want the second email to be sent.

Click save for this email, as well as at the campaign level.

Step 11: Click the Diagram icon on top right corner(above ‘done’)

You will see this. Follow the same procedure for all emails