Tele-marketing & Virtual Assistant

This is a versatile position. You need to be good in both areas mentioned and willing to learn quickly.


Tele-marketing and Virtual Assistant

Telemarketing Duties:

  • Have an android phone to make phone calls, record call and meet monthly quota of number of contacts made.
  • Ask leads set of questions from the call script. Add the data into CRM for management to take further action.
  • Documents transactions by completing forms and record logs.
  • Maintain database by entering, verifying, and backing up data.
  • Maintain quality service by following organization standards.
  • Maintains technical knowledge by learning from the company platform about making better sales calls.

Skills Needed

  • Basic Content Writing Skills with GOOD ENGLISH
  • Be good at internet research
  • Photoshop Basic Editing Skills
  • Instant Communication - Skype, hangout, gmail & whatsapp all are a must.
  • Should know how to use Google docs & team-viewer

Virtual Assistant Duties

  • Our website is on WordPress. You may be required to Search Engine optimize our articles and posts, proof read them, suggest good titles.
  • Social media management. manage our twitter & Facebook profiles by creating shareable status updates & tweets.
  • Content management - You will need to remove any unwanted, not relevant content from the website
  • Check the website for plagiarism in content and do editing in the text to make it unique.
  • Any other tasks if and when required by management.

Necessary Information

  1. Payment will be per hour and paid monthly .
  2. You need to be available at the time you decide to work on.
  3. This will be 5 days a week job. You can have any 2 days off.
  4. The more you work the more you can earn.
  5. Expectation: 8 hours/ Day
  6. 5 Days a week
  7. Hours: Average of 173 Hours/ Month
  8. Expected Salary: 11,200Rs/ Month (Dependent on hours you work)
  9. Position Type: Remote/Work From Home
  10. Equipment Required: PC/laptop, Broadband Internet, Android Phone
    Expenses: All expenses for phone-calls will be covered


Trial Task

Answer any 4 of the following questions in 300 words or more-

1) Research 3 best VOIP solutions for calling Internationally (from India to Abroad)
2) Research 2 Indian services that provide you will a local virtual number with IVR service
3) Create a cold call script to pitch web design services?
4) What are the business' products and services?
5) Who is the target audience?
6) What improvements can be made to the website..

Create a document in MS word and Attach your task document and fill the application form.