Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

  1. Welcome to We are happy to welcome you (the affiliate) into our Affiliate Program that allows the affiliate to generate an automatic income by simply advertising our products.
  2. This program allows the affiliate to make our products known to their users and lets the affiliate earn a commission corresponding to the agreed percentage of the price of the first purchase made by the user. The sum of money owed to the affiliate will be immediately credited to their account.
  3. This text has to be held as an additional part of General Terms and Conditions and everything defined in there has to be held as valid. In the case of inconsistencies between the two, the Terms and Conditions of Affiliate Program will prevail.
  4. Below in this text, the affiliate will find explained details concerning how “Becoming an Affiliate” works, payments and further details concerning the Affiliate Program.

Definition of the terms

  1. User, in these Terms and Conditions, is any subject browsing the Internet and coming to the website and to the Affiliate page.
  2. By buyer, we refer to any user that has purchased in our marketplace.
  3. Affiliate is any person adhering to Affiliate Program and subject to these Terms and Conditions. Any reference to you, your, yours has to be held as a reference to the affiliate.
  4. is the author of this document and any reference in this document as we, us or our should be held as referred to

Becoming a Affiliate

Here the affiliate will find how Affiliate Program works.

  1. For each user coming to our marketplace through a link or a banner that the affiliate has advertised, the affiliate can earn a provision equal to the agreed percentage on the purchase price of the first product bought by that user.
  2. From their page on, the affiliate will receive an affiliate link (or referral link) that will be automatically generated from their username. the affiliate can paste it on their website or use banners with that link and advertise it on their website.
  3. Any of their users coming to our store through that link and purchasing any product in our store will grant the affiliate a commission on the purchase.

Affiliate percentage

  1. The affiliate percentage for our products is set to 15% of the purchase. So, for example, if a user reaches us through their link and buys a product that costs 100$, their provision is 15$ (that is, 15% of the product purchase price).
  2. Sharing of special products and promotions, such as Club Subscription does not generate any affiliate commissions.


An important section of the Terms and Conditions has to be devoted to cookies.

  1. We use cookies to track users that reach our store through their affiliate link (or referral link). If their users do not allow or clear cookies, we will not be able to track their affiliate link and therefore we will not be able to pay the affiliate the provision.
  2. the affiliate should also remember that cookies are available for three months. If their users visit our marketplace, but they make a purchase only after this term, the affiliate cannot be entitled to the provision anymore.

The validity of the right to provision

  1. To be entitled to the provision, users that buy through their affiliate link must not be related to the affiliate or their company.
  2. To be entitled to the provision, users that reach our website shall neither have visited it before nor have a account.
  3. Sharing of special products and promotions, such as Club Subscription does not generate any affiliate commissions.


  1. “What happens if the buyer has come to by following two different affiliate links, my affiliate link and another person’s one?” If users come to our marketplace through more than one affiliate link, the first one they access is to be held as the only one deserving the provision. For example, if one of their users reaches our marketplace through their link first, then once again through the affiliate link of another person, and only then purchases, the affiliate will be the one entitled to the provision for that purchase.
  2. “Why don’t I get commissions for sharing Club Subscription with my affiliate link?? “ the affiliate does not get any commission because, as the affiliate can read in our Terms and Conditions of Affiliate program, this is a special product which does not entitle the affiliate to affiliate commissions.


In this section, the affiliate will find how payments of the provisions will be made.


  • Minimum threshold: Each provision the affiliate earn will be credited to their account, so the affiliate allows us to pay provisions to the affiliate and credit them to their account. the affiliate can require the payment of the credit in their account as soon as the affiliate reaches the minimum amount of 50$.
  • Payment methods: keeps its earnings safe until the affiliate requires payment. Unless we decide to pay their earnings before, they will be kept safe for the affiliate until we get a request for payment from you. The moment we get the request for payment, the affiliate will receive the payment by the 15th of the month. If the 15th happens to be a holiday, the affiliate will receive the payment the first following working day available. The moment the affiliate sends the request, we will ask the affiliate to enter their correct data. This will automatically generate an invoice where the affiliate declares to receive the payment of the requested amount, so, please, make sure the information the affiliate entered is correct. Payments will be done through PayPal and any possible expense for payment will be charged to you.
  • Keeping their earnings: If for any reason we cannot pay their earnings, we will keep them safe, including the circumstances in which we do not have the correct payment data or we are not able to contact the affiliate using the contact data the affiliate gave us. We will keep their earnings safe also if the affiliate asks us to make the payment to a person or an institution and it cannot be done for any reason, whether for legal or banking restrictions.
  • Currency conversion: Any time we make a payment as an affiliate, we are not responsible for currency conversion of their earnings from Dollars into their favorite currency, nor are we responsible for any possible conversion costs that their financial institution might apply.
  • Refund: If any of the purchases related to their affiliate earnings are subject to refund or chargeback, we can at our discretion withdraw also the concerned commission from their Affiliate earnings.



  1. What do I need to be paid for the provisions? the affiliate needs to reach the minimum threshold of 50$ in provisions and to have a PayPal account.
  2. Will my earnings be paid automatically when I reach the minimum threshold of 50$? No, they will be paid, after reaching the minimum threshold of 50$, only if the affiliate makes a payment request from this page in their account.

Protection of the users

  1. the affiliate cannot do any act that could be confusing, misleading or deceptive for users, inter alias, confuse them about the fact that their website is managed or authorized by (e.g. by emulating graphic elements from our website).
  2. Our trademarks or domains or intellectual properties are property of and the affiliate cannot use them.
  3. the affiliate cannot purchase a domain name, search engine keywords nor pay-per-click advertisements that use our trademarks or any possible variation of them, nor use texts that describe our products unless the affiliate receives our official consent.
  4. the affiliate cannot act against users in any form that is a law violation, including spam, privacy, intellectual property violations, fraud, confusing actions for new users or links purposely made to deceive customers.
  5. the affiliate cannot act in any way that is direct or indirect contravention of Terms and Conditions, nor behaving in any way that does not conforms to our standards.


Fairness policy

  1. We reserve the right to decide whether or not their use of the Affiliate Program complies with Affiliate Program Terms or with Terms and Conditions. If we decide that their participation in the Affiliate Program does not comply, after official communication, we can withdraw their earnings and may disable their account.
  2. Affiliate Program is subject to a fairness and integrity policy that has to be respected, and that entitles to consider revising for each unfair affiliate.
  3. We are pleased that the affiliate has read this entire document.
  4. If the affiliate has any questions the affiliate can always write to us here.

Latest update on 11th February 2019