Business Email Hosting


Stay professional

We will create a domain based email for your business and set up all the users. Unique and professional email addresses give your company the visibility and authenticity it deserves. Business email is an email account which you use explicitly for business or professional communications.  It is set up with custom domain used by the organization and adds credibility and professionalism to the brand. Features like group aliases make team collaboration more efficient.

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Main Options for Email Hosting

An email host is what lets you send and receive email across networks.

  • Shared Web and Email Hosting: This kind of email hosting comes with your website/domain hosting provider. Cost is usually free as its included in hosting plan.
  • Third-Party Email Hosting: Are always a subscription based model per user per month costs.
  • Self-Hosted Email: These emails are hosted on your own servers instead of going through a third-party provider. While self-hosting provides more control and customizability. This only has cost of server & admin for email management

Main opton for email Clients

An email client (or email app) is the application you use to write and read emails.