Website Content Optimization Service


We are a team of dedicated individuals from Bangalore. We stated to provide service for businesses through the internet. Please check below a small part of our plan that we can implement for content creation, optimization & management for your business.


What can we do for you?

There are many aspects to creating a business blog.  We will not only create content but also set up relevant channels but also optimize full blogs. 

    1. Set up marketing channels – these can be paid like ads, manual like link submission to directories, free and automated like SEO. Visit this page for the complete plan on our internet marketing plan. 
    2. Optimize Tier 1 pages like the homepage for better traffic flow as its window to our website. Its links to our Tier 2 pages & some important blogs. The home page also links to our business pages and social media.
    3. Optimize Tier 2 – This is the page that has a Blog list. Simply put it’s a customized category page. This page links to blogs of one topic. This page may also link to another tier 2 page


Create & Optimize Blogs


    1. Setup CTAs within blogs – these allow us to capture contact for leads, subscribe to our newsletter or go directly to the sales page.
    2. Setting up newsletters – this helps us to nurture leads that are doubtful.
    3. Setting up Sales Pages – this contains the sales copy of our product and service. It lists the problems we will solve for our clients. It does not have a price.
    4. Setting up Buying pages – this list all our deliverables and also has the price. 

Why choose us?

As you have seen,  “Content for the article” is only a small aspect and if we do not create content with the bigger picture in mind it is wasting valuable time and effort. Even after content is updated on the website if we do not optimize the traffic flow its effectiveness decreases. Many fields are involved from website design, SEO social media to implement a successful content strategy. Hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We are here to create a long and strong relationship. I know you may have some reservations so please ask us anything, and we will try to relieve your apprehensions.Our team is proficient in diverse backgrounds. Our team skills are

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