Youtube Optimization


YouTube Optimization Service

  1. Video optimized = 25
  2. Timeframe = 7 days
  3. Price = $250

We just launched our services on We have had experience with a couple of youtube channels. Here is a concise plan summary for you.  

We will first measure important matrix for your videos which are usually not available in the regular dashboard stats. 

  1. We will rank each video out of 100 so you know your best videos are can learn from it.
  2. Watching per hour predicts the potential for a video to go viral
  3. Percentage of shares on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Estimated earning of each video

YouTube SEO is the most important factor to improve the above stats. We analyze your competitions popular videos to come up with good suggestions for title, description & tags for every video.


Our plan to benchmark your videos over certain criteria. We have analytics tools to measure these stats

  1. Youtube OptimizationParticipation Index – This is a direct comparison of all of the likes, comments, shares to the views. The good value will be 2% or Above. There are some points you can implement to improve your participation index 
    1. Encourage viewers to participate by asking them directly
    2. Ask for Subscription
    3. Use annotations and in-video programming-Make sure users can easily get to your other videos
    4. Use Annotation to give the subscribe button right from the video.
    5. Make sure the videos are correctly tagged, titled, and Thumbnailed
  2. Youtube SEO
    1. Title – Keep them short & simple.
    2. Consistency – Repeat keyword through title description & tag
    3. Tags – YouTube heavily weights watch time and competition rate, if you use tags that don’t pertain to your video, viewers who find your video won’t watch it lowering both metrics! 
  3. Watch Rate – this is a measure of how many people watch your videos at any given hour. (watching/hour) These metrics to know the potential of a video going viral. 
  4. Scheduling Videos – It is important to be uploading videos regularly. If you manage more video do not upload all at the same time. You should schedule them. This way you can build anticipation for your video by talking about in the previous one. This will significantly increase the new videos watch rate and could propel it to become viral. Here are some ideas to build anticipation about new videos
    1. Do you generally upload weekly? Pick a day and add it in the title “Monday Movie Review xxx yyy zzz”
    2. Go back and use annotation on previous videos if you forgot to mention your next release in a video.
    3. Create a “Welcome” video to feature on your channel that tells viewers what content to expect when and why they should subscribe to your channel
    4. Update your channel banner and create custom thumbnails that display what content releases on what days
  5. Youtube + Twitter
    1. @mention a top fan when you release new content to make them feel special!
    2. Twitter can be used to scout for partnerships, gaining followers, and getting feedback for new content.
    3. You should keep track of what videos are being shared on twitter and who is sharing them. At we have automated scripts to monitor a channel’s twitter shares and by whom.
  6. Campaign CTRs: We will add in special tagged URLs to all of your video descriptions whose CTRs (Clickthrough Rates) we will measure over time. Then we will change the description text after some time and measure the CTRs again. This a kind of A-B testing to find out what description works the best. 

Jumpstart your YouTube Career with Our YOUTUBE CONSULTATIONS

ANY channel can benefit from our consultation services, provided that the channel owner(s) are willing and able to put time and effort into it. We can help you build your strategy and give you solid advice on reaching a wider audience and growing more quickly, but if that advice is not implemented, you are not going to see a change in your channel. 

We won’t tell you how to cheat your way to the top, and we don’t have a magic formula. What we do have are proven strategies that can HELP your channel grow. They are not substitutes for passion, good content, and a willingness to be part of the YouTube community. Without these three things, you WON’T succeed.

Consultations are held via Skype in English. If you do not have a Skype account, please create a Skype account before signing up for our services.


For a video marketing campaign, there are 3 broad categories of KPIs.

  • Awareness: This refers to how much the audience has recognized your brand. This measured by
    • Views
    • Impressions
    • Unique users
    • Awareness lift
    • Ad recall lift
  • Consideration: This refers to how much your audience is considering purchasing a product from you after watching the video. 
    • View-through rate
    • Watch time
    • Favorability lift
    • Consideration lift
    • Brand interest lift
  • Action: This refers to how many people have decided to initiate the purchase process after watching your video. 
    • Clicks
    • Calls
    • Sign-ups
    • Sales
    • Purchase intent lift