How to Screen New candidates for a Job – Reviewing Resumes

Awesome Interview Screening – Read Here “hire slow, fire fast.”


SCREENING New candidates for a Job – Reviewing Resumes

Check for  Points
Submitted resume +50
Written Communication: Spelling errors  -5
Did lots job shifting between companies -10
2-Years Experience. look for people who held jobs for 2-3 years. +5
Side projects, Open Source +5
Social Profile or blog (what s/he is interested in, talking about) +5
Complete lack of a social media presence -15
Previous startup work experience and the quality of those startupsPrevious startup work experience and the quality of those startups +5
Previous Small Business Experience. more the better +5
Foreign Experience. more the better +5
Creativity in Resume is a good sign.  +10

If we are rejecting someone, email them. Every single one. Make sure everyone that applies hears back from us at least once. (Why you should do it?)


SCREENING TWO – Phone Call (max 30 mins)l

  1. Test Verbal Communication
  2. Verifying the validity of their resume (i.e. how much did they exaggerate?)
  3. Testing for role fit (i.e. do they understand the role, and is that a good fit?)
  4. Testing for cultural fit (i.e. do we think we’ll get along well?)
    1. Tell me about [picking something on the resume]…
    2. What did you learn at [pick company name]?
    3. What are you looking for in a new company?
    4. Tell me about the [pick a side project s/he’s worked on]… (or: Have you ever thought of doing a side project of some kind? If so, why haven’t you? What would you do?)
    5. What’s an ideal work environment for you?
    6. Do you read Hacker News? (i.e. Are you genuinely interested in startups and new technology?)
    7. Flexibility Question:- people should be flexible . in a startup timings will rarely be 9-5 affair
    8. Intrapreneurship Question? What would they do to improve the company.?
    1. lying
    2. dissing past/existing employers
    3. not having any questions
    4. not having done any research on the company 
  7. After clearing the 2 screenings, ask the candidate to for video interview Ask them to block off half a day or more and we’d explain the process to them (verbally or via email) so they’d be somewhat prepared.
  8. First In-person Interview – with Partner 1
    1. Look for a personal connection. Do I want to bring this person onto my startup roller coaster and ride with them?
    2. find a mutual connection and respect. 
  9. Second In-Person Interview – with Partner 2
  10. Third In-Person Interview – With the team : And the truth is that a lot of employees stay at a particular job because of their co-workers, even if they don’t like the job, the company or their boss. That’s how important it is for people to really bond with their co-workers.
  11. The Practical test:-
    1. Quick Web Search Test: Pass my “how fast can you find a solution armed with unrestricted web search” test. Throw a problem at someone (perhaps a rootkitted laptop?) and give her a web browser. A preferred candidate will be able to articulate the solution to me 
    2. Testing: To gauge applicants’ raw talent and cultural fit administer short quizzes, an IQ test and even a psychological profile.
    3. Test Presentation Capabilities
    4. High On Self-Motivation: Motivation Test