Kimatra Singh

Experienced Virtual Assistant, marketing professional & developer with strengths in Administration, Management, marketing, product management, and market trend analysis. Proven skills in UX design, advertising, and promotions. Successful in developing strategies that have resulted in a 40% increase in forecasted sales. Adept at executing marketing plans and communicating with cross-functional teams.

Work Experience

Virtual Assistant & Digital Marketing 

  • Increased website traffic with proven SEO tactics
  • Worked with WordPress developers to build websites from scratch
  • Working with basic database techniques to get relevant user data
  • Setup customized tags in Google Analytics 
  • Handling Social Media profiles for different websites. (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) 
  • Integrating Social sharing plug-ins/widgets in websites. 
  • Managing website optimization and internet marketing. 
  • Implemented a Pre-launce SEO and post-launch SEO. 
  • User experience testing and implementation
  • Analyzes traffic for all websites and plan further actions for online marketing 
  • Email harvesting and marketing

Remote Assistant (Rodale)  || September 2015 to August 2016 || 15 hours/week

  • Developing new marketing strategies to help maximize long term sales and profitability  
  • Create campaigns that increased social media engagement by approximately 40% through content marketing 
  • Implemented a unique marketing strategy for over 30 products.
  • Worked closely with a video producer to develop content that increased the organic reach of our Facebook page by nearly 50% 
  • Developed and executed targeted campaigns for multiple market segments to help drive brand awareness
  • Sales and Marketing Coordinator Rodale
  • Seamlessly launched a new process for the development of key sales and marketing tools used by our sales team 
  • Organized the marketing department’s first social media content calendar  
  • Tracked weekly sales and shared with cross-functional teams throughout the organization
  • Coordinated successful product launches with the help of our sales, publicity, and editorial teams

Remote Marketing Assistant

  • Generate leads through digital advertising 
  • Maintain company social media profiles and website 
  • Develop and implement digital marketing campaigns 
  • Create a lead nurture system through automated follow-up

Remote Business Development

  • Optimize new client on-boarding process  
  • Hire and train new client relation specialists 
  • Consultant and Business Development Specialist
  • VIP clientele account manager  
  • Develop/report/optimize client’s lead generation and marketing strategy 
  • Prospect through client referrals, online leads 
  • Social Media & Digital Advertising Management
  • Design clientele and the company’s social media graphics  
  • Digital advertising and social media consultant for VIP clientele 
  • Write targeted posts for clientele and the company’s social media profiles 
  • Monitor, report, and optimize client Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns

Remote SEO Specialist

  • Worked on search engine optimization to achieve higher rankings and improved sales 
  • Consulted clients on conversion rate optimization and usability analysis. 
  • Advanced analytics reporting for clients 
  • Worked on WordPress development for more than 15 CMS websites. 
  • Achieved higher search engine rankings for clients and the company’s own website 
  • Helped clients to increase their sale through organic (search engine) traffic 
  • Implemented basic SEO on default WordPress websites 

Remote Website Admin

  • Create and customize WordPress themes and sites 
  • Design and code websites using CMS or HTML/CSS 
  • Refurbish existing websites to make them mobile-friendly, improve design, usability, code and traffic 
  • Perform search engine optimization 
  • Implement and manage Adwords campaigns 
  • Implement and manage social media presence 
  • Produce information architecture documentation, including site maps and full sets of wireframes for complex web-based applications