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Prefr.co services for Online Businesses | Prefr.co

Prefr.co Services For Online Businesses

Do you really need us?

  • Do you have more work than time?

  • Do you want to grow but feel can’t do it alone?

  • You cant launch new products because you are too busy with the current Ones?

  • Do you lack knowledge, skill, or motivation to do certain tasks?

If the answer to any of the questions is Yes then lets get to work?
How can we help?
  • More time to focus on your business

  • Get tasks done that you don't enjoy doing

  • Have someone working even in odd hours like nighttime or weekends

  • Takes your business forward, Boosts your team capabilities & improves efficiency

Things we can do?
  • Repetitive tasks - data entry, etc, Listing Products on Amazon
  • Specialized tasks - photography, customer support, Product and Supplier Research, finding Potential Suppliers, Optimizing Amazon Listings, Adjusting Prices and Inventory on Amazon, Fulfilling Orders and Sending Tracking, Handling Returns and Exchanges,
  • Expert tasks like bookkeeping, accounting, designing
Prefr.co Online Business Services

  • We have a small team of e-commerce Experts who

  • Manage the Seller Accounts of clients on marketplaces like Amazon and on other Marketplaces

  • Helps clients get started in e-commerce

Prefr.co services for Online Businesses

Business Setup Solutions
Business Growth Solutions
Legal Formalities and Business Registration
Government Small Business Schemes