Working with timedoctor & desktime on client projects

Working with timedoctor & desktime on client projects

You will need 3 kinds of access to begin work.

  1. Access to a website that you will work on
  2. Time doctor access (track hours work for a client)
  3. Desktime access (track hours for payment)

Working with desktime

Download desktime from

Install on your system after download

Login to desktime with the access shared with your own LastPass.

We have many projects [ listed in the right column ]

Projects are a feature of DeskTime that allows you to dedicate a certain amount of tracked time to a particular project.

You turn it on by going to your desktop icon and selecting Projects. If you haven’t already created a project, you’ll see the “create new project” button. Select that, and name the project you want to work on. Or, if you already have projects created, you can select one of those and continue contributing time to it.

Working with TimeDoctor

When working in timedoctor always mention the task name along with project initials you use in desktime.  As we are working on many projects, We are using  FT-, SFT-, QWR before every task to analyze which task belongs to which website or project.

When to use timedoctor login

Create a schedule so we are not clashing on timedoctor for tasks.