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Starting Job With Prefr.co | Prefr.co

Hello, Welcome to prefr.co. Please follow instructions on this page

Job & Salary Discussion

Please join us on slack to discuss the job requirements & salary. Follow the link https://prefr.co/slack/ Enter your email

You will be sent a confirmation email.

Go to your inbox and click the confirmation link.

Create a new username and password for login.

Accept terms and conditions.

Click skip tutorial.

Enable Desktop Notifications

Getting Work Email "abc@prefr.co"

  1. Say hi everyone in #team_room
  2. SOmeone will contact you to provide you with your new work account employee.name@prefr.co .
  3. Once your account is created you will receive your
    1. Username: employee.name@prefr.co
    2. Password: Sent by Harry

Accessing your work email “abc@prefr.co”

  1. You can use this to to login to your company mailbox located on https://mail.zoho.com/zm/#mail/folder/inbox 
  2. Please use this mail to signup for all necessary accounts.
  3. There may be penalty for using personal accounts so be sure to always use the official email everywhere related to work.
  4. You can also link you official email to be used in your personal gmail by following instructions here.
  5. You can access Official emails on android phone via Blue mail app.  Instructions for connecting Bluemail to official email are here


Getting access to time tracking software "Desktime"

DeskTime is a simple and secure time tracking app that lets us track the time you work for the company.

  1. Ask @harry in slack to send you desktime invite on your new official work email
  2. Once you are invited please check inbox for a desktime invitation email
  3. In the E-mail you received there will your DeskTime account Username, Password, and the green button Join the team, which will lead you to the DeskTime main page.
  4. Log in with the given credentials and download the DeskTime app and start the download.
  5. In the end, log in with the same credentials into the DeskTime app and start tracking your time.
  6. Login with details provided into desktop desktime app. Instructions
  7. Important Points to remember
    1. Start desktime everytime you start work.
    2. Visit here to know more on desktime terminologies.
    3. Please note the various Icons in your system taskbar for desktime. Here is list of desktime Icons status.


Step 6: Accounts Need to be Created

Create an account on Lastpass: Install Lastpass Extension in chrome where we will share all passwords for your projects. Once installed create an account here https://lastpass.com/create_account.php with your official __@prefr.co account