Process street Basic Usage and How to Guide

Process Street is the simplest way to make recurring checklists and processes. You are currently reading a “template”. You can make templates just like this for your own team. Templates are like process documents, but can contain rich content such as images and videos (see below).  Once you’ve made a template, you can run multiple instances

Optimize Your Sales Funnel Using the Content

Optimize Your Sales Funnel Using Content 1. Showcase Good Reviews and Testimonials Showcase good reviews and testimonials on your website Put product pages that are related to reviews Have a review tab on your product page Monitor the continuous problem in reviews and feedback Always respond to negative reviews politely Resolve issues of customer Care

Woocommerce Conditions, If Statement, Functions

Woocommerce Conditions

Woocommerce Conditions is_ajax() Returns true when the page is loaded via ajax. is_shop() Returns true when on the product archive page (shop). is_account_page() Returns true on the customer’s account pages. is_checkout() Returns true on the checkout page. is_cart() Returns true on the cart page. is_product() Returns true on a single product page. Wrapper for is_singular.

Best Free WordPress Themes

Best Free WordPress Themes
Rocked From parallax effects to beautiful booking pages, each one of these themes has powerful components to make you think twice about paying for a theme. So, without further ado, keep reading to learn more about the best free WordPress themes on the market.It’s Free!! Sydney The Sydney theme is designed for companies and freelancers