Call Center Services (Any Country)


Manpower: $600 to $2500/month/person

  1. TELEMARKETING & NON-TECHNICAL SUPPORT As low as $1000/month/person
  2. TECHNICAL SUPPORT As low as $1500/month/person
  3. ADVANCED TECHNICAL SUPPORT As low as $2500/month/person


Software: $400/month 

  1. 6000 Free Incoming Mins. Additional minutes charges at local rates
  2. One local landline number. More number at additional costs 
  3. We can add up to 10 IVR menu Options. More can be added for additional cost. 
  4. Call from IVR is forwarded to the linked Agent’s number. We can add up to 5 Agents.


How does it work? 

  1. Manpower – Decide on how many & what kind of people you require. We have executives to reach all kinds of use cases
  2. Decide on a type of number.  Get a dedicated business phone number. We have various phone number types: A) toll free B) Local Landline C) Vanity Numbers D) Port old numbers
  3. Design your custom IVR Set a professional IVR for your business phone number. The IVR routes the call to the concerned department/agent. If no user answers the call, the call gets transferred to a voicemail. Send us a full map all your departments. We can set up a location based, contact based or time based IVR for your business, depending on your requirement.
  4. Add departments and agents Add different departments to your professional IVR such as sales, support etc. Assign users to each department and define a role for each such as super admin, moderator or basic. Also, create extension numbers for each user for direct contact. 
  5. Publish the number Add your new number to your website. Increase brand recognition through your centralised phone number.
  6. Get weekly reports on number of calls received, made and missed. You can subscribe for daily call reports via sms or emails.
  7. Remarket Reach back to your callers through SMS and Facebook Remarketing. Select subscription lists to reconnect with your callers via customized campaigns based on their call attributes. 

Software Features

Types of Numbers available


  • One Virtual Number – A single number to track all your business calls. Handle any call volume and track all customer calls with a virtual phone number. Also, get detailed reports of your business calls. A virtual number comes along with an IVR that helps you map departments and agents using extensions. Call distribution made possible by adding multiple phone number extensions to receive calls from anywhere, anytime.  Map several numbers at the backend of your virtual phone number. Connect calls to multiple agents to resolve call queries and help your organization to be responsive. Distribute your business calls to various agents as per the callers’ requirement. Set a distinct extension number for your agents attending calls to connect your customers to the concerned agent directly


    1. Toll Free Number – Increase your brand’s recognizability by letting your callers reach out to you for free. Give your customers a privilege of calling your business for free with a toll free number. toll free numbers comprise an IVR that lets you stay available to your callers 24*7, routes all customer calls to the right department and enhances the brand image of your company. Free customer connection – Incentivise your callers by giving them the privilege to call you for free. Allow them to reach out to you anytime and everytime they face an issue or have an emergency. Increase your reachability, drive better engagement rates and improve your customers’ experience.


  • Local Phone Numbers – Local phone numbers are virtual in nature. Toll free and 10 digit mobile numbers are the two types of local numbers. The calls that you receive on your local business number are forwarded on your business landline or mobile phone number. This allows you to receive calls from anywhere.


    1. Distribute calls Map multiple numbers at the backend of your local phone number. Add different departments and assign each agent with a unique extension number to distribute customer calls. Transfer customer calls to the right agent for quicker resolutions.
    2. Upgrade your customer service Improve your brand’s recognizability and local presence by allowing your customers to reach out to you from anywhere, anytime. Track each customer call with your single local phone number to ensure that you do not miss any potential business opportunity.
    3. Daily call reports Monitor your business’s call traffic, department and user wise. Analyze the number of calls missed, received and made by each agent and department, even when you are not in office.
  1. Vanity Numbers – A Vanity number is a special business number that has repetitive digits or is used to spell out the name of your brand. A customised fancy number makes it easy for the target audience to remember your business thereby increasing your brand’s awareness and word of mouth publicity.
    1. Marketing tool Increase the number of potential callers by publishing your vanity number on your business website, advertisements, billboards and marketing campaigns. Track the ROI of your marketing channels and analyze which marketing campaign drives more phone calls.
    2. Branding Get a vanity phone number that spells the name of your brand or product. Improve your brand recall and increase your business’s recognizability by choosing a number that is unique and easy to remember.
  2. Port Existing Numbers – Number porting is the process of retaining your existing business number. To port your existing phone number, you need to forward all the calls that you received on your existing number. This will allow you to use the same number even when you change your service provider.
    1. Avoid hassles Port your existing business number to ensure that you do not lose any business traffic due to a change in your number. Forward all the calls that were received on your old phone number to new number without any difficulty.
    2. Save costs Do away with the additional costs of purchasing and promoting a new business phone number. Save forwarding charges and eliminate the procedure of obtaining an NOC during termination of your services.

Connect Clients to Correct Agent

  1. Multi level IVR – An IVR is a telephony menu system that allows segmentation and routing of callers to the most appropriate agents within your team. By recording customized welcome greetings you can provide a more personalized experience to your customers when they call on your business number.
    1. Call distribution IVR allows you to prioritize calls based on callers’ value. At the point of high volume of calls, an IVR routes them to the specialists who is most qualified to address the issues of the callers. Therefore, your team never loses on esteemed customers due to call waiting.
    2. Branding Create a customized IVR of your brand and create a brand recognition among your callers. The prompts used in your company’s IVR will help your callers have a personalized experience, therefore pitching your brand as someone who delivers superior customer experience.
    3. 24×7 turnaround Stay available for your customers round the clock. Handle a large volume of calls at the same time. 
    4. Professional voice Professional voice Greet your callers with a professional voice. Project your company’s image as big and professional and help clients recognize your brand. 
    5. Superior service Superior service Collect information about the callers and solve their problems with prompt answers without agent involvement. 
    6. Brand recall Brand recall Make callers aware of your brand with a customized IVR. Welcome them with your brand name, whenever they make a call. 
    7. Personalized experience Personalized experience Help callers choose from multiple languages. Make it easy for your callers to communicate. 
    8. Right connection Right connection Direct customer calls to the right department and agents. Reduce waiting time for your callers.
  2. After hours call routing is the process of routing calls to agents in your organization after office hours or allowing your customers to leave their messages over a voicemail. It extends the reach of your business 24*7 and allows you to handle calls both, during business and non business hours.
    1. 24*7 availability Receive incoming calls directly on your mobile phone. Attend to queries of your callers 24*7 with after hours call routing. Connect customers to specific agents even when they are not in office to resolve their problems.
    2. Enhance customer experience Set a voicemail or after office hour IVR to allow your callers to leave their messages in a voicemail. Transfer customer calls to the right department through extension or comma dialing. Enhance your customers’ call experience by allowing them to reach out to you after office hours. Enhance customer experience
    3. Key product features professional
      1. IVR IVR after office hours Customize and create an IVR after office hours to ensure you do not miss any business call. Connect callers to agents even when they are not in office.Stay available round the clock. 
      2. Call Reports Call reports Subscribe for call reports via SMS or email to monitor your business’s call traffic after office hours. Keep a track on the call status of each business call to measure your agent’s performance on calls. Analytical Reports 
      3. Extension dialing Assign distinct extension numbers for each agent handling customer calls. Connect callers with agents who are not in office through extension dialing.
  3. Live Call Transfers – The Live call transfer facility helps you transfer inbound calls between agents in your organization without disconnecting ongoing calls. It enables you to transfer calls to different extensions both during and after office hours. Transfer ongoing calls from anywhere, anytime
    1. Resolve queries Resolve queries Provide instant solutions to each customer query and problem by connecting your callers to the most qualified agent in your organization. Transfer calls while you are talking to your customers to reduce their waiting time and enhance their call experience.
    2. Distribute calls Forward and route each customer call to the right department and agent. Connect callers to agents within and outside the office premises without disconnecting the call. Dial the concerned agent’s unique extension number from any place with just a click. Distribute calls
    3. Key product features Analytical call reports
      1. Analytical call reports Get detailed call reports for all your business calls. Subscribe for call reports through SMS or email to analyze the call performance of your agents.
      2. Direct dialing Direct dialing Connect your callers’ to the right department and agent through direct or extension dialing. Transfer customer calls to specific agents just by dialing their unique extension numbers.
      3. Call tracking Call tracking Track the call details of all your business calls. Monitor the number of calls received and missed by each user. Hear the recordings of all your connected calls to understand customer needs better.
  4. Voicemail Facility – A voicemail facility for your business phone system will help you follow up with the customer calls that you miss during or after office-hours. This system helps callers leave their messages in a voicemail when agents in your organization are unavailable to receive incoming calls. Upgrade your callers’ experience with a voicemail system Follow up with missed calls
    1. Follow up with missed calls Ensure timely follow ups with your missed calls to improve your customers’ experience. Listen to your business’s voicemail recordings and convert them into downloadable audio files to better understand the needs and requirements of your callers.
    2. Stay available 24*7 Let your customers leave their message in your business’s voicemail after office hours or when agents’ in your organization are unavailable to answer business calls. Give your callers the privilege to reach out to you with their queries 24*7 with Voicemail facility. Stay available 24*7
    3. Key product features
      1. Call reports Call reports Monitor the number of connected, missed and voicemail calls in your organization. View daily call reports to keep a tab on your business’s call traffic and measure your agents’ call performance.
      2. Call recording Call recording Analyze and measure the call recordings of all your customer calls. Listen to the recorded voicemail calls to follow up with your missed calls.
      3. Multi-level IVR Multi-level IVR Add a voicemail node after each department in your IVR so that customers can reach out to you after office hours. Allow your callers to leave and record their queries in a voice mail.
  5. Intercom facility Transfer calls to agents through extension dialing to improve your internal communication.
  6. Call forwarding Call forwarding Forward business calls instantly to reduce the waiting time of your callers.
  7. Sticky agent Sticky agent Assign callers to specific agents to resolve customer queries instantly.
  8. Data export Data export Export log data to analyze the call performance of your agents on calls.

Additional features

  1. Call Recording Call Recording allows to you access the callers’ information directly shared by them. It helps in training your employees with real-time customer cases and understanding their requirements at the same time.
    1. Media Availability Record the customer conversations and get call recordings for up to 5 years. 
    2. Cloud EPABX Cloud EPABX Record unlimited customer conversations and store the data on cloud safe and secure. 
    3. Quality Control Record customer calls and listen to those audio for evaluating which one of your employees have been delivering effective customer support. Also, you can check for their performance in handling the customer calls.
    4. Call recording Call recording Record the business calls you get. Listen and understand the customer sentiment to deliver superior customer service.
    5. Training Support Call Recording works best when you have to train your new employees. You may present the call audios as real time cases and train them to understand the target audience of your organization and accordingly they develop on their business communication skills.
  2. Notifications Notifications Get notified about important updates to improve your business’s internal communication.
  3. CRM integration CRM integration Integrate your existing CRM to access your call logs from one place.
  4. SSL security SSL security Secure communications between the web browser and server through data encryption. Conversation notes Conversation notes Add notes while talking to a customer to ensure you do not miss any important information.
  5. Block callers Block callers Weed out unnecessary callers or contacts by blocking them directly from the web panel.
  6. API integration API integration Integrate your application via public API to pull the data that you require.
  7. Click to call Click to call Make outbound calls directly from the web panel to follow up with your missed calls.
  8. On hold Music On hold Music Keep your callers’ entertained while you are forwarding or transferring their call to agents.
  9. Role based panel Role based panel Assign each pro user with a distinct role to enable and disable certain permissions.
  10. Custom sender id Custom sender id Send messages to your customers using your business name to increase brand awareness.
  11. Custom main greeting Custom main greeting Greet your callers with a welcome message to personalize their call experience.
  12. Existing phone Existing phone Receive customer calls on your existing mobile phones and landline devices to save cost.
  13. Web call Web call Make outbound calls directly from your web panel to follow up with your missed calls.

Use Cases

    1. Virtual receptionist is a cloud based IVR system which routes all the customer calls to the right department. It stays available to your customers 24*7 and hence caters to the needs of the customers even after office hours.
      1. Call desk Call desk Make your business phone system a new breed by taking it on cloud. Attend all the business calls without missing them and installation of hardware. Empower agents to create a better customer experience.
      2. Virtual receptionist Manage all your business calls round the clock. Track and record these calls to maintain a superior customer experience and service. Connect with callers anytime and everytime they make a call.
    2. Call Tracking – Analyze the RoI of your marketing campaigns by tracking customer calls. With tracked customer calls, ensure zero missed calls and effective follow ups with your missed calls.
      1. Easy RoI calculation Extending your business phone number to a call tracking system will help you measure the marketing responses. You can now check how many calls your marketing campaigns received, measuring their performance.
      2. Track performance Measure the performance of the campaigns counting the number of calls on each campaign. 
      3. Analytical reports Analytical reports Get call reports of your business. Understand the work processes of your business by analysing the call accountability. 
      4. Zero missed calls Zero missed calls Map the virtual number to a call tracking system. Track all the calls, whether received or answered and view the details of all the calls tracked. 
      5. Callers’ database Callers’ database Create a callers’ database of the calls tracked. Use the database to reconnect with them for repeat business. 
      6. Scalability Scalability Track your business phone calls from anywhere in the country. Connect your phone to a call tracking system and get an unlimited access to your business calls. 
      7. Push reports Get detailed analytical reports of your business calls via an SMS or email.
      8. Live call info Get ongoing call details for each incoming phone call directly on the web panel.
      9. Call reports Track and monitor the call details of every business call. Analyze the daily call traffic of your business. Measure the call performance of agents handling customer queries.
      10. Track Responses Track Responses Get the forwarding number’s advantage for all your marketing channels. Track the performance and RoI.


  • Customer Analysis


    1. Understand prospects It is important for you to evaluate how your prospects find you. Implementing a call tracking system will help you understand how prospects are reaching you out – whether it was your PPC Campaign or a word of mouth referral, call tracking shall help you identify the route.
    2. Marketing ROI – Display a virtual number in all your campaigns to track and analyze which marketing channel worked best for you. Measure the success of your campaigns by viewing the call responses of your subscribers. Understand the ROI of all your campaigns by analysing the monthly and weekly reports of your call volume.
  1. Remarketing Remarketing Remarket your existing and potential customers to increase repeat purchase.

Increase sales – Get a toll free number for your business and increase your sales possibilities. Use this phone number as your marketing strategy by displaying it on online and offline forums to attract potential callers. Capitalize on the increased number of calls to improve your conversion rates and RoI.