Hire Telemarketing & Telesales Executive (Remote/Online)


Telemarketing and Telesales for $1040/month

Telemarketing services we offer involve interaction with the prospective customers for generating interests in products and services and also up-sell/ promote and cross-sell products to an existing customer base. We handle both business to business and business to consumer telemarketing services with at the most professionalism. We have a team of experienced telecallers with whom we deliver the outstanding telemarketing services.


  1. Inbound: Appointment Fixing,  24x7x365 Customer Support, Call Answering Services, Billing and Enquiry Services, Ordering and Processing Services, Call Answering Services, Billing and Enquiry Services, Claim and Reimbursement Services, Help Desk Support.
  2. Outbound: Customer Verification Services, Tele Marketing, Surveying and Analytics,  Customer feedback Analysis, Lead Generation
  3. Web Support: Email support, Webchat Support
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Hire a Telemarketing & Telesales Executive (Remote/Online)

Past work experience & responsibilities

  • Presenting brand, services, and products to potential customers.
  • Turn potential customers asking for a simple question to sales leads
  • Engage with existing customers to reveal buying trends or the potential for new business.
  • Setting up appointments
  • Identify potential qualified leads for the telesales team to close.
  • Creating a more reliable leads database than buying data.
  • Provides customer satisfaction, addressing issues directly with potential customers.

Telemarketing takes much of the time and costs out of finding new customers. Our executive works to generates interest in the company’s products, brand, and services by giving the information directly

SkillSet of our Telemarketing & Telesales Executive

  • Multitasking: explain what your products and services are to potential customers as well as put their data and information in the system at the same time, maximizing cost efficiencies.
  • Problem Solving: think fast and have creative and innovative ideas to solve any complex customer issues.
  • Excellent Listening: never interrupt customers, instead,  engage them & ensure that they understand what is needed, and ask questions if there’s anything they don’t understand to dig to the root of the customer’s desires

If your company is good at speaking with customers about your products and services, but need more contact with customers, you likely need telemarketing.

If you’re great at attracting potential customers, but find it hard to turn all those potential leads into sales, you probably need telesales.

However, not all companies (especially small businesses) can afford to pay the full range of inbound, outbound telemarketing and telesales services. That is why it is also vital to always pick a provider that will fully cover your marketing and sales needs. Please reply back so we discuss and implement a plan that works best for you.